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First Game Appearance Walthros

Walthros is a planet inhabited by a great many species, including variations of Earth species such as Fish, Seals, and Walruses, and stranger races such as the Ralz and Dunzain Worms. The evolution of life on this planet was guided by outside forces long before the events of the game by the same name. Many of the lifeforms on this world can adapt to living both in air and in water. One moon circles the planet and contains a thinner but still breathable atmosphere. A lunar colony was established by off-world visitors, but its people have vanished by the time of the Walthros games.

The planet consists of five continents and several smaller islands. The largest continent, Rodentia, is inhabited mainly by mice and apes. The other continents are Wirr, a long landmass that is home to most of the planet's seals and fish, Dunzai, a continent populated by the Dunzain Worms, Tengun, a mountainous continent, and the Polar Continent that covers the planet's south pole. The largest island on the planet is Dinosaur Island, which broke off from the Wirr continent.

The people of Walthros have developed vehicles for both air and sea transport, and contact between the nations of each continent is common.



A map of the planet, as seen in the original game.


  • The original Sky Flyers comics took place on Earth. The planet Walthros was established in the 1996 reboot of the series.


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