Walthros Mercenaries

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Walthros Mercenaries


Genre RPG
Release Date 2002
Status Demo
Download Windows .ZIP



Long before the events of the original Walthros, the planet was in a state of nearly constant war. Weapons of mass destruction were being created, and money was the driving force behind the motivations of the people. As Zero, a soldier killed in battle, you are given a second chance at life and an opportunity to accomplish your unfinished goals so that your soul may rest in peace.


Mercenaries began development before the final version of Walthros was released, and serves as a sort of historical midpoint in that game's development. The game received minor updates after its initial release, but was never completed. Unlike Walthros, Mercenaries received little to no attention. The first demo was made available to people who completed Totally... Gihern! with an A rank.


Players control Zero, a disembodied soul, when the game begins. From here, six different races are available to choose, each with four different classes. Unfortunately, due to the demo's length, there isn't enough time to see much of a difference between a few of the classes.

The game opens with a test of Zero's strength. The player fights a turn-based RPG battle, and the outcome (winning easily, winning by a slimmer margin, losing) determines which of three heroes will join Zero on his quest. This was done largely to help balance out all of the classes in the early part of the game, and changes the dialogue that the player will see. Other choices affect the story slightly, giving the story of Mercenaries a less linear feel than that of Walthros.

Class Chart

The following image shows the races and classes available when the game begins.




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  • Walthros - The first released game about planet Walthros. Walthros Mercenaries serves as a prequel.
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