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First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Rodentian Mouse
Type Villain


First introduced in the Squish Mice comics in 1996, this Rodentian Mouse was the leader of Red City. He was known only as Chief Red until he was renamed Whalington in the original Walthros game. Whalington's reign has become more and more harsh, and he imprisons Ketchup for building an unauthorized flying machine. Ketchup escapes and seeks help from the other cities of Rodentia to bring an end to Whalington's regime. When he finally returns to Red City, Ketchup learns that Whalington had been possessed by some kind of shapeless energy being that for some reason wanted to manipulate the people of Rodentia to some unknown means.


Bob Surlaw meets Ketchup in Red City while searching for a way to access Rodentia's Silver Shrine. Ketchup explains that the city's leader, Whalington, has imposed a harsh, tyrannical government on the people, and that Ketchup's father, Char, has been arrested as a political prisoner. Bob agrees to help rescue Char in exchange for Ketchup's aid in entering Silver Shrine.

After finding Char, Bob and Ketchup encounter Whalington, who attempts to explain to Bob that Ketchup's rebel group are the true enemies of the people. The truth in the end is that both Ketchup and Whalington's forces are extremists, and neither side can maintain a true peace in the city. Bob leaves Red City feeling that he shouldn't have interfered.


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