Who Killed Dinosaur Giant?

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Who Killed Dinosaur Giant?
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Genre Movie
Release Date June 2010
Status Complete
Download Windows .ZIP


When Dinosaur Giant goes missing, it's up to detective Salom Lancoven to solve his murder. His journey will take him from Walthros to the mysterious McDonaldland, a planet ruled by hoodlums the likes of which we on Earth have never seen.


Who Killed Dinosaur Giant? was an entry for the 2010 OHR Fangame Contest, made to show the author's enthusiasm for the characters who inhabit McDonaldland. As per the contest rules, the game was also allowed to use characters from an author's own games. In this case, the cast of Walthros is used alongside McDonaldland characters such as Grimace, Hamburgler, and Constable Big Mac. Other fan favorites make an appearance as well.

Who Killed Dinosaur Giant? is made using the OHR game engine, but is not a game. Rather, it's a movie, similar in design to the OHR House series, presented with a film noir theme. All dialogue is fully voiced by the game's author. Music is taken from Killer7 and the Silent Hill games, and will be familiar to people who have played Surlaw Armageddon. Some graphics were reused from a few other games as well, including Stinkmace! The Legend of Dinosaur Triple and Village People: The Videogame

Related Games

  • Walthros - Salom's original adventure. Who Killed Dinosaur Giant? is a direct sequel.
  • Stinkmace! The Legend of Dinosaur Triple - The origin story of Dinosaur Giant and his comrades. The dinosaur sprites from this game were reused for Who Killed Dinosaur Giant?
  • Village People: The Videogame - This movie works as a prequel to Village People: The Videogame, and establishes that the San Francisco of that game exists in the same universe as planet Walthros.
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