Willie the Worm

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Willie the Worm
First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Unknown Worm Type
Type Villain



In the 1996 Squish Mice comics, the city of Blue Rodentian Mice has long been plagued by a group of underground worms. The largest of these worms is Willie, who influences the others. Ketchup, Mustard, and Grape attempt to slay the beast, and their actions impress Blueberry, who uses his magic to cure their wounds.


Scottie and Dinosaur Micro meet Blueberry in Azure Village, a town plagued by monsters emerging from the ground below. Blueberry can use powerful water-based magic attacks, but his power has limits, and he accepts Scottie and Micro's help in defeating the monsters after promising to help them enter Silver Shrine. The three of them enter an underground labyrinth where they meet a variety of mutated creatures and eventually discover Willie the Worm, the source of the village's misfortune. Upon defeating Willie, the number of violent monsters in the area begins to fade.


  • Like the Squish Mice themselves, Willie's appearance is based on a stuffed animal. This stuffed worm was a carnival prize and was often used in Bojo's villainous plans.
  • Somehow, Willie wears a pink ribbon around his neck.


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