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First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Adeianos
Type Hero

Woo is an energy-being known as Adeianos, a species that exists outside of normal time and space that is known to meddle in the affairs of other lifeforms. While little is known about this race, Woo reveals that she is fairly young, and that she is observing and interacting with creatures in various worlds as part of a societal ritual. This species can take any form and Woo takes the form of a large rabbit-like head for unspecified reasons. She loves music.



Super Walrus Man meets Woo in the Mad World, where he appears after a battle with Dr. Mu that shatters the White Crystal. She explains her observation mission, and generally makes a nuisance of herself, as she accompanies Walrus Man on his search for a way to return home to Walthros. She accompanies him back after helping to defeat Gimer, and assists Bob Surlaw and company by using her powers to see events happening far away. Woo fights by generating random garbage that is thrown at enemies, and is highly unpredictable in battle.

Walthrus: Return of the Crystals

Walrus Man encounters Woo under much the same circumstances as in Walthros, but ends up eating her after she proves too annoying to tolerate. This version of Woo reappears in Surlaw Armageddon as a zombie in the Forest of Resurrection.


  • Woo's appearance comes from a hand-knit puppet made by an aunt in the early 90's.


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