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First Game Appearance Walthros
Average Size 1 Meter

Yuks are a species of snake-like creatures found on Walthros. They generally travel upright, but are known to crawl on their bellies to avoid danger or to sneak. All Yuks have minor telekinetic abilities, generally used for manipulating tools or wielding weapons, but Yuks often rely on their powerful bite when in combat.



Yuks first appeared in the Tales From Beyond comics in the early 90's, and their nature would be further established in "The Yuk," a one-shot comic in 1996. Tales From Beyond featured Yuks with a great deal of physical variety, both in shape and color. These Yuks were often found engaged in battle with other species, and were at war with the Rodentian Mice. In "The Yuk," these creatures showed a deeper intelligence and a more consistent physical appearance. They built spacecraft which they used to visit the planet Pingopolis in an interplanetary conquest. Their invasion was repelled by Penguingo and the Bird Things.


The Yuks that appear in Walthros are used as generic enemy encounters, with the exception of Yuk Deluxe. This variety of Yuk shows no sign of intelligence, though some varieties encountered do use magic and telekinesis. Yuks are the most basic enemy type found in the early parts of the game, and do not pose any real threat.




This character appears in the following games which were not made by its original designer.

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