Yuk Deluxe

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Yuk Deluxe
First Game Appearance Walthros
Species Yuk
Type Hero



Yuk Deluxe is an optional party member that can be recruited in The City on Dinosaur Island. He has strong physical strength, but no magic skills. Like Super Walrus Man, Yuk Deluxe was experimented on by Dr. Mu. Though these experiments enhanced his strength, Yuk Deluxe was discarded as a failed subject when his mind was damaged. In Dead Walthros, an alternate reality that Bob Surlaw and Salom Lancoven visit, alternate versions of Yuk Deluxe and Super Walrus Man can be found.

Walthrus: Return of the Crystals

Rather than the silent brute that Yuk Deluxe appears as in Walthros, Walthrus: ROTC's Yuk is a nerd. He constantly worries about the rudeness and violence shown by his companions and complains throughout his time in the party. Yuk Deluxe may be optional in Walthros, but he's unavoidable here.



This character appears in the following games which were not made by its original designer.

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